Santa’s coming with his big sack…

That time of the year again! One day a bright spark will decide to make “Give Us A Wank For Christmas” or one of Ivor’s other XXXmas songs the festive No. 1 hit. Meanwhile if you’re thinking of giving your loved one the best Christmas present EVER (that’s an Ivor Biggun album in case you hadn’t figured it out), do order it now. Stiff Weapon will be shutting up shop from December 20 until the New Year, so that means there won’t be any copies for sale at Amazon, Play or on Ebay. And, of course, DON’T order from this site after that date until we return.
As ever, a very merry one-off-the-wristmas to all you wankers (and don’t forget to download Ivor’s Xmas songs if you don’t have the CD’s)


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