An XXXmas present

Before announcing the news of Ivor Biggun’s XXXmas Package, a reminder that the ideal Xmas present for World Wide Wankers is “The Compleat Works of Ivor Biggun” – 5 CD’s and a lovely book in the perfect package of his filth-filled oeuvre, compiled as the original albums with bonus tracks. ORDER IT TODAY from this site’s shop! Much Filth, Dirt Cheap…

Now the stollen and yule logs are for sale in supermarkets, it’s time to release a compilation of all of Ivor’s seasonal smut. Available right now to stream or download on all your favourite services, IVOR BIGGUN’s XXXMAS PACKAGE is a celebration of that other side of Christmas. AND, for your delectation, there are TWO brand new recordings, “An XXXmas Carol” and “Rudolph’s Rude Rhyme (Going from Bad to Verse)”.

Forget the sausage rolls, Clifff or Elton, let’s make “You Can’t Have A Shag With A Snowman” the Christmas No.1 (“or even higher” as Doc says)! One for snowflakes everywhere, play it to your family, friends and foes alike. Even the good Captain thinks it’s genius.

Ivor gets into the spirit of XXXmas

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