more scraps

More from Ivor’s scrapbook. There’s the big reveal of Ivor’s identity in the News Of The World and an advert for his debut album (which is, of course, included in the new box set, The Compleat Works of Ivor Biggun)

£3.20 in 1978!! And now it’s not much more in 2021 where 5 CD’s cost £20

Happy release day

The Compleat Works of Ivor Biggun is officially released today. That means the final two albums are available for streaming. As the title says, Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Mostly Blue is a compilation of recent recordings and some old tracks (with a ‘borrowed’ sleeve) while Handling Swollen Goods has upgraded audio.
This also means the CD set is available from Amazon UK though it’s more expensive than on this site as they take a hefty amount in commission (and undercharge the real cost of shipping). Overseas orders are only available from this site.

Partners In Grime

Continuing the release of the original albums on streaming services, we’re pleased to announce it’s the (re)turn of Partners In Grime.
In other news the albums are also available on Bandcamp.
Sales of The Compleat Works of Ivor Biggun are going well (there’s life in the old tosser yet) and it’s exclusively available (UK only) from this site for £20 including the £3.20 postage

UPDATE: There are now links in the SHOP – Ivor Biggun page to worldwide purchase

Now on sale!!!

Stock of THE COMPLEAT WORKS [misprint] OF IVOR BIGGUN has arrived so it’s now available exclusively through this site at a special reduced price of £20.00 which includes UK postage and taxes. Full track listing for the 5 CD’s is beneath the ‘BUY’ button on the “Shop Ivor Biggun” link above. There’s a limited quantity so when it’s gone, it’s gone!


It’s nearly 40 years since the second Ivor album but it’s back on the streaming services and, of course, is CD2 in THE COMPLEAT WORKS [misprint] OF IVOR BIGGUN.
As we asked back in 1981… Why should you lash out your hard-earned cash on this grotty Ivor Biggun album when you could spend it on women, drink, filthy magazines, Woodbines, or perhaps even foolishly? Why? Because it’s value for money, that’s why! For the price of a couple of pairs of wooly socks you could get 50 minutes of the kind of depravity that makes Vlad the Impaler seem like Donny Osmond! – Disgustin’ stuff like “The Cockerel Song”, which some people say isn’t about chickens. The “Shirt Collar Song” adapted from “Flaccido del Plonquero” by Los Quintettos Bunchawhankas – Pierre Foofe letting rip! – Two portions of reggae (one Bosanquet and one Perrin) – and the Phil ExSpectorant lavatory wall-of-sound (Richard III).
Now! That’s better than a pair of wooly socks…huh?? Still not convinced?? Well… try “Banking Your Blues Away” [MISPRINT] which features Ivor gargling with Tizer… or “I Have A Dog” which is recorded in Ambiphonic 360º Surround Sound, giving the listener on stereo headphones the aural illusion that he is ENTIRELY SURROUNDED BY RED-NOSED BURGLARS!! There’s even a completely clean song about bears, but we hope this won’t spoil your enjoyment too much. And there’s the Filthy Farmer… AND some singing mice. AND a vulgar poem…

The return of The Winker’s Album (misprint)

While John Travolta and Olivia Newton John were enjoying the number one platter du jour with Summer Nights (October 1978), Ivor Biggun was sullying the Top Thirty with his paen to onanism, The Winker’s Song (misprint). Following his success with indecent haste, he released a long player full of similar smut. And now it’s back, restored to the original sequence (almost) with a few extras added. It’s available now for streaming / download and will be disc One of The Compleat Works (misprint) of Ivor Biggun.