Now on sale!!!

Stock of THE COMPLEAT WORKS [misprint] OF IVOR BIGGUN has arrived so it’s now available exclusively through this site at a special reduced price of £20.00 which includes UK postage and taxes. Full track listing for the 5 CD’s is beneath the ‘BUY’ button on the “Shop Ivor Biggun” link above. There’s a limited quantity so when it’s gone, it’s gone!

6 thoughts on “Now on sale!!!”

    1. You’re the first in the world to buy the set! Even setting up the store stretched my limited coding skills to the max so sadly I’m not sure I can fix this problem.

  1. Is there any way to buy a set signed? Being Australian, the chance of getting this signed in person is very low. Happy to pay whatever.

  2. Wayhay! Guess what it is I’m holding, down here in my hand?
    No no no, the postman just came and put something in my letterbox.
    What a beautiful package! 5cds of Ivor magic – can’t wait to give it a spin, especially the new tracks.
    -0.000001 point for no ‘Readers Wives’ though 🙁 – any chance of a download of it somewhere?

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