Christmas time again

and don’t forget Ivor’s classic Christmas songs either on Spotify, iTunes or Amazon.

And also “You Can’t Have A Shag With A Snowman”…

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We’re saddened to announce that “The Fruity Bits Of Ivor Biggun” (aka The Best of…) and ┬áthe uber-rude “Handling Swollen Goods” are no longer available on CD. We’ve finally run out of stock and, with limited demand, it’s not economical to do the minimum re-pressing of 500. So for now you’ll have to download. There’s still a few years supply of “More Fruity Bits” on CD so buy it now before it’s gone forever.

In other news, Johnny G – (the subject of an unusually clean Ivor Biggun ode) – has four of his albums issued on CD, available from Amazon


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More worrying than horse meat in burgers…

what are they adding to the sausages?

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Worzel’s up for it…

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Santa’s coming with his big sack…

That time of the year again! One day a bright spark will decide to make “Give Us A Wank For Christmas” or one of Ivor’s other XXXmas songs the festive No. 1 hit. Meanwhile if you’re thinking of giving your loved one the best Christmas present EVER (that’s an Ivor Biggun album in case you hadn’t figured it out), do order it now. Stiff Weapon will be shutting up shop from December 20 until the New Year, so that means there won’t be any copies for sale at Amazon, Play or on Ebay. And, of course, DON’T order from this site after that date until we return.
As ever, a very merry one-off-the-wristmas to all you wankers (and don’t forget to download Ivor’s Xmas songs if you don’t have the CD’s)


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Never to early…

to celebrate Christmas.

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Getting your 5-A-Day

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Ivor’s sheet music

We came across a snippet of Ivor’s compositions recently…

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The merry month of May…

Evidently May is the international wanking month. Honest!
I’d never heard of this either but here’s the article and a link to Mr. Masturbator’s aspirational anthem…

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Ivor on Facefook (mis-print)

Yes, we’ve finally got around to getting Ivor onto Facebook. He already had a ghostly presence there with a page connecting to his Wikipedia entry, but now there’s the officially sanctioned version. Not that it does much. Well, USA citizens can purchase or download the very-wonderful ‘Handling Swollen Goods” and some of the information on this site is also there, but it’s FACEBOOK. It has 800 million wankers, sorry members. It’s really, really important! You can join Spotify and listen to all Ivor’s records! HERE’S IVOR’S FACEBOOK PAGE!
If you’re a Facefooker, make sure you ‘like’ him…

Meanwhile here’s a DIY attachment that Ivor installed next to his fridge…

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